Ph.D. student in Creative Technology & Design

University of Colorado, Boulder, Advisor: Ellen Do, Danielle Szafir

Aug 2020 — Present

Master's in Computer Science

University of California, Davis Advisor: Kwan‑Liu Ma

Sept 2018 — Jun 2020

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Human-Computer Interaction (Individual Major)

University of California, Davis Advisor: Kwan‑Liu Ma

Sept 2014 — Jun 2018


HCI Research Intern

Stanford University

Research with James Landay and Elizabeth Murnane. Identifying and building family-centered, in-car technology to support collaborative learning.

Jun 2020 — Sept 2020

University Researcher


Research with Federico Rossi, Scott Davidoff, and Joshua Vander Hook. Working as a Master’s Thesis Fellow to expand Summer 2019’s project with further iterations and design considerations.

Sept 2019 — Aug 2020

Data Visualization Intern


Research with Hillary Mushkin, Santiago Lambedya, Maggie Hendrie, Scott Davidoff. Identified JPL roboticists’ visualization needs and implemented a system determined by design iterations.

Jun 2019 — Aug 2019

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Researcher & Teaching Assistant

University of California, Davis

Research with Kwan-Liu Ma. Teaching assistant for Hao-Chuan Wang and Nina Amenta in Computer Science.

Jun 2019 —
Jun 2020


Maximizing Dust Devil Follow-Up Observations on Mars Using Cubesats and On-board Scheduling

Robyn Woollands, Federico Rossi, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Marc Sanchez Net, Sandra Bae, Valentin Bickel, and Joshua Vander Hook. In Proc. of 31st AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting


A Visual Analytics Approach to Debugging Cooperative, Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems’ Worldviews

Sandra Bae, Federico Rossi, Joshua Vander Hook, Scott Davidoff and Kwan⁠-⁠Liu Ma. In Proc. of the IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) 2020.


Spinneret: Aiding Creative Ideation through Non-Obvious Concept Associations

Sandra Bae*, Oh⁠-⁠Hyun Kwon*, Senthil Chandrasegaran, and Kwan⁠-⁠Liu Ma. In Proc. of ACM CHI 2020 (*equally contributed, acceptance rate: 24.3%)


Poster & Demos

Cyborg Crafts: Second SKIN (Soft Keen INteraction)

Sandra Bae and Mary Etta West, ACM TEI 2021 Student Design Contest, Craft Award

Feb 2021

Learning about Disease Associations in Taiwan

Keshav Dasu, Sandra Bae, Takanori Fujiwara, IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2018 Visual Storytelling Contest, Honorable Mention

Apr 2018

Book Chapters

Interfaces for Smart Cities

Torin Hopkins, Sandra Bae, Julia Uhr, Clement Zheng, Amy Banic, and Ellen Do. In Handbook of Smart Cities. Editor Juan Carlos Augusto.

Jan 2021

Design Exhibitions

Sit on Data

A data-driven parametric bench where users can feel data by sitting.

Oct 2019


Created an immersive installation that showcases California's land subsidence at SOFA Chicago 2017. Built motion graphics and projection using Processing

Oct 2017


Created an interactive exhibition featured at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco for the OneClimate event. Featured at AIGA & ISAD - San Francisco.

Mar 2017